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3D printed Towel Hanger

CAD design build in Autodesk Fusion 360

Hello everyone,

What's the fun in buying from the market something you can make yourself. I wanted a towel hanger for my washbasin. I could have simply purchased it from the market, but since I have 3d printer, I decided to make my own custom-designed 3D printed towel hanger.

So, I opened Fusion 360 software and created a design as shown in the top figure. The ring is 120 mm in diameter. I then exported the CAD model in STL format to the Creality 3D printing slicing software.

After adjusting the orientation of the parts I then exported the code file to my Creality Cr10S Pro V2 3D printer.

The prints settings are as follows

1.75 mm eSUN transparent neon green TPU filament,

30% fill density,

60 deg. C bed temperature,

220 deg. C nozzle temperature,

RAFT platform adhesion,

print speed 50 mm/sec,

To visit my page and to download this CAD design, please click the button.

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